Lesson Seven

al-waqf_3alaa_marsoom_al-khat.gifStopping on the written word

 A. Words normally written with but sometimes written with an open
If a word normally written with the female ha’   ()is written with an open then Ibn Katheer stops on this word with a .

An example of this is the word rahmah.gif . This word is usually written as in the example, with a female as the last letter (). There are places in the Qur’an where this word is written with an open , as: rahmat.gif, and when it is written as such, Ibn Katheer stops on the word with a , not a .  This is different than the recitation of Hafs which always follows the writing of the word.

Another example would be the word ni3mah.gifwhich is sometimes written as:ni3mat.gif. In both cases, Ibn Katheer stops on these words with a .
These are just two examples, there are other words normally written with a that are written in the some places in the copies of the Qur’an with an open . Please see http://www.abouttajweed.com/the-female-ha-written-with-a-ta-/index.php (all four parts of these lessons) to learn all the words.

 B. Other words that either Bazee or Qunbul or both of the riwaayat of Ibn Katheer stop on with a are:
1. hayhat.gif(Al-Muminoon 36)
       Al-Bazee stops on this word with a and Qunbul stops on it with a .

2.  ya_abati.gif
      Ibn Katheer (both Al-Bazee and Al-Qunbul) stop on this word, wherever it occurs in the Qur’an with a .

3. al-bazee_words_meem_stop_with_ha.gif
       Al-Bazee stops on each of these words with an added saakinah as one of two allowed ways he has for stopping on these words  
(bikhulf_3anhu.gif).  In this way of reading, Al-Bazee keeps the fath.jpgon the  meem.jpg then adds the saakinah when stopping. The other allowed way Al-Bazee has for stopping on these words is with a sukoon on the meem.jpg with no added , which is the way Qunbul and Hafs 'an 'Aasim stop on this word.

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