Lesson Two

4. (also referred to as) The pronoun or direct object

In normal circumstances, the recitation of Warsh follows the same rules that Hafs does for the .

There are however, special words or word combinations that different ways of recitation read in different ways.  The following are these word combinations and how they are read in the recitation of Warsh.
A. The of the word in the phrase in Al-A-‘Araaf aayah 111 (7:111) and Ash-Shu3ara' aayah 26 (26:36) is read as with a kasrah on the  and lengthening of two vowel counts. 

 B. Similarly the following words are read with a kasrah on the  and a  :     , which are read as: for An-Naml and for An-Noor. 
C. The  is read with a kasrah on the , but no  in the following words:   and , so they are read as: in Al-Kahf and in Al-FatH. 

 5. The lengthenings

Both   and  are lengthened six vowel counts in the recitation of Warsh.

There are three allowable lengths for: two, four and six vowel counts. Examples of this would be the  in:     ,  ,       . 
Included are words ending in  such as: or when stopping on the words:   from the phrase:   

 *There are factors that are interdependent with this rule and must be observed or not observed depending on which length for the  is used.  These factors will be discussed later.

Exceptions to the lengthening of the four and six vowel counts- meaning there is no lengthening  of four and six vowel counts in these cases :

A.     The word Israa’eel,

B. After a pure sukoon () such as the word

C. After a hamzah wasl where a  has occurred due to starting the word, as in:

D. Another exception is no matter what form it takes.

E. An alif changed from a tanween fat-hah when stopping on a word ending with a hamzah, such as , is not considered a , and just the normal two count lengthening of the  is observed.

F. Some scholars of recitation (but not all) also give exception to the four and six vowel count  in the words:
1.   with the questioning hamzah preceding the word; the  in question here is the one after the  saakinah.
 2.  The word  in the combination    : in surah An-Najm 50 (53:50).

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