Lesson Three

(continued from lesson 2)

   ii. - The leen letter followed by a hamzah

This is a leen letter followed by a hamzah, is lengthened four or six vowel counts when continuing or stopping.  Example:

Exceptions: Warsh reads the word: in all its various forms, such as:   etc., with a shortening () of the leen and  (shortening) and ,  and  (two, four and six vowel counts) of the ; and  (four vowel counts) of the leen with  of the   .
There is no lengthening of followed by a hamzah by the way of recitation of Warsh in the words:   in aayah 8 of surah At-Takweer (81:8), the  being unchanged, just the leen is affected by this exception ; and likewise the word   which is the last word in aayah 58 of surah Al-Kahf (18:58).     
Conditions: If the  is lengthened two or four counts, the leen al-mahmooz can only be four counts, if the medd badl is lengthened six counts then the leen al-mahmooz can be lengthened four or six counts.  The chart below summarizes these conditions


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