He is Ibn Abdulrahmaan bin Abee Na’eem and his nick name was Abu Ruwaym. He originated from Asfahaan and was black in color. He was a scholar in the ways of Qira’aat and the Arabic language. Imam Naafi’ was born in the year 70 Hijara, and died in 169 Hijara in Al-Medinah. He recited to seventy of the taabi’een, Abu Ja’far Yazeed Al-Qa’qaa’ was one of them. He was an Imam of Medinah Munawwarah in recitation after Abu Ja’far. Qaloon and Warsh related their ways of recitation from him. If he talked, the smell of musk would be smelled from his mouth. He was asked, “Do you put on perfume before sitting to read every time?” He said, “No, I don’t touch perfume but I saw the Prophet, Sala_allahu_alayhi_wa_sallam in a dream and he read into my mouth” From that time that smell was found in his mouth.

Imam Naafi' has two raawis, Qaloon and Warsh. To read the rules of each of these two riwaayah, please click on the links below:

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