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He was Hamzah bin Habeeb Az-Zayyaat. He was born in the year 80 Al-Hijarah, and died in 156 Al-Hijarah. His lifespan was such that he was alive at the same time as some of the Sahabah, so it is possible that he met up with some of them. Hamzah was the leader of the recitors in Al-Kufah after 'Aasim. Muahmmed bin Fadheel said about Hamzah, "I think the only reason that calamity has not come to Al-Kufah is because of Hamzah."

His two rawee are Khalaf and Khallaad, who both read to Saleem bin 'Eesaa Al-Kufee, and he (Saleem) read directly to Hamzah.

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