Lesson Two: Imaalah

Lesson Two

  The straight, the imaalah, and the in between

 Shu’bah in general reads with al-fatH.gif(or no imaalah), but reads with on some special words or letters.

Shu’bah reads the ra_letter.gifand alif with in the words:  adraaka.gifand adraakum.gif wherever they occur in the Qur’an.

Shu’bah makes of the ra_letter.gif and hamzah and alif in the word ra_aa.gif   if not followed by a sukoon.  If it is followed by a sukoon, such as in ra_a_l_qamar.gif, and the reader is reading in continuum with the next word which has a sukoon of the first pronounced letter, then he makes imaalah of the ra_letter.gif alone.  When stopping though on ra_aa.gif in the phrase ra_a_l_qamar.gif   all three letters are read with imaalah.   If there is an attached direct object or pronoun (dhameer.gif), Shu'bah still makes imaalah of the ra_letter.gif and hamzah and alif, exemplified in: ra_aak.gif and raa_aahaa.gif.

 The riwaayah of Shu’bah reads the separate letters "hayya_tuhr.gif" at the beginning of some surahs all with .  This means when any of the five letters are read as individual letters at the beginning of a surah, they are read with imaalah.   Examples of this are:

The in , the inya_seen.gif   , thetta.gif andin and thera_letter.gifin and  and the and in .


Shu’bah also makes of the alif and the fathah on the preceding letter of the following words:

(Al-Anfal) ramaa.gif17 

(At-Tauba 109)  haarin.gif

(Al-Israa’ 72)  a3maa.gifboth occurrences in this aayah

(Al-Israa’ 83) na_aa.gif

(Ta-Ha 58)  suwan.gifwhen stopping 

(Al-Qiyamah 36)  sudan.gifwhen stopping

(Al-Mutaffifeen 14)   Note: Shu’bah does not read with a sakt between the two words  and instead makes an idghaam of the لامinto the  ra_letter.gifin the phrase in red:

  The riwaayah of Shu’bah does not make imaalah of the alif after thera_letter.gifin the word: ( Hud 41) , which isin contrast to Hafs ‘an ‘Aasim.  Shu’bah also reads with a dhammah on the ميم of this word.

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