Lesson One

Rules of Recitation for Shu’bah ‘an ‘Aasim


The rules for Shu’bah are for the most part identical to the rules of Hafs ‘an ‘Aasim except for a few items which will be outlined here.  Outside of the few rules that are different, there are special words read differently by Shu’bah.  Only those rules which are different for Shu’bah ‘an Aasim from Hafs ‘an ‘Aasim will be explained, all other rules are the same as Hafs and can be found in the explanation of those rules.  The special words for Shu’bah will be documented later, insha’ Allah.

Letters close in articulation point  



Shu'bah reads with of the  saakinah into the when joining aayah one and two of surah Ya Seen: ,  and also has an  when joining the separated letter (the  saakinah with the ) with the word that follows in :


Shu'bah also reads with idghaam of the thaal.jpginto the   in the word ittakhadhtu.gifin any of its forms (singular, plural, first person, third person, etc).

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