Lesson Eight


This section refers to special saakinah letters that some of the different readers merge the  saakinah of , the  saakinah of , the  saakinah  of which is a  at the end of a verb denoting female gender, and the of and , into some letters.

 These groups of letters are mentioned even when the rule is because some of the different qira'aat read them with Please note: Normal rules are applied outside these special letters. Remember these letters are saakinah, so we are referring to

A. The    saakinah of  

Warsh has of the saakinah of the word " " with the letters: , , ,., ,

B. The   saakinah of                               

This includes and .  Warsh reads with of the saakinah into the letters: and  such as in:       .  He reads with of the  saakinah and the letters: ، ، ، ، ، .   

C.   The female

The saakinah denoting a female gender at the end of a verb is read with into the next letter if it is a .  An example of this is in: (Al-An'am 138) .  

Warsh reads with  the with the letters:  , , , .


Warsh reads with of the saakinah of and  and the letters:

 , , , , , ,


E.  Letters close in articulation point


Warsh conclusively reads with of the into the when joining aayah one and two of surah Ya Seen: ,  and with  as one of two allowable ways of reading when joining the separated letter with the following word: :. The other allowed way in the last example is with  of the .


He (Warsh) also reads with  of the into the in the words: and  however they are formed. 

 Warsh reads with of the saakinah followed by the in the words:   in aayah 176 of surah Al-Aa’raaf. He also has of the followed by in the two words: of aayah 42 of surah Hud.  ِ

Warsh reads the word in aayah 284 of surah Al-Baqarah with a sukoon of the of the word  and of this into the following in the phrase (Al-Baqarah 284).

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