Lesson Three

 6.  The lengthenings

The recitation of Ibn Katheer has four vowel counts for and two vowel counts for .

 7.    Two Hamzahs meeting in one word

 There are three ways that two hamzahs meet in one word, the first hamzah always has a fath.jpg, the second hamzah is either another fath.jpg, a kasrah, or a dhammah.  Examples of these three combinations are:

 with a fath.jpg on both hamzahs;   with a  fath.jpg on the first hamzah and kasrah on the second hamzah; and     which has a fath.jpg on the first hamzah and a dhammah on the second hamzah.

Ibn Katheer reads the second hamzah with in all three cases, without adding any alif in between the two hamzahs. 

Ibn Katheer also reads the following words with an extra hamzah, so there are two hamzahs and the same rule applies:

    A. There is an extra hamzah added to the word an.gifin aayah 73 of Aali 'Imraan in the phrase: aali_imraan_73_second_hamzah.gif.  It is then read as aan.gif, with  of the second hamzah following the rule described above of two hamzahs meeting in one word.

    B. There is a hamzah added to the word adh-habtum.gif Al-Ahqaaf 20 in the phrase:al-ahqaaf_20_adh-habtum_extra_hamzah.gif .  The word is then read as aadh-habtum_two_hamzahs.gif with  of the second hamzah. 

    C.  The word aamantum.gifin three places in the Qur'an, Al-'Araaf 123. Ta Ha 71, and Ash-Shu'araa' 49 is read with two hamzah qata', as   aaamantum_two_hamzahs.gifwith  on the second hamzah.   Qunbul drops the first hamzah in the occurenc in Ta Ha 71, so he reads it just as Hafs does:   aamantum.gif, with only one hamzah.  Qunbul reads the other two occurences with two hamzahs, with on the second hamzah.

Qunbul reads this word in Al-'Araaf 123 with a in place of the first hamzah when reading in continuum with that which precedes it, while still having on the second hamzah: al-araaf_123_al-bazee_wow.gif.  When starting on the word aaamantum_two_hamzahs.gif in surah Al-'Araaf,  Qunbul reads it with two hamzahs, just like Al-Bazee. 

    D.  Qunbul also reads the first hamzah in the word aamintum_al-mulk.gifin surah Al-Mulk 16 as a when joining aayah 15 and 16 of this surah together  in one breath, still  making on the second hamzah: al-mulk_15_to_16_al-bazee.gif.   If he does not join the two aayaat together in one breath and stops at the end of aayah 15, then starts with aayah 16, Qunbul  then reads the first word as   aamintum_al-mulk.gif, with  on the second hamzah. 
 Note: Outside of Ta Ha 71, Qunbul reads all these above words with two hamzahs, making on the second hamzah, following the general rule for Ibn Katheer for two hamzahs in one word.


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