Lesson Two


(also referred to as) The pronoun or direct object .

If there is a saakin letter before ha_adh-dhameer.gifand a voweled letter after it, Ibn Katheer lengthens the ha.gif

two vowel counts.

This is different than the other qira'aat which require a voweled letter before and after the pronoun or direct object ha.gif, otherwise known as ha_adh-dhameer.gif, before lengthening it.

Examples in which Ibn Katheer lengthens ha_adh-dhameer.gif after a saakin as described in this rule:




B.  Special words with ha_adh-dhameer.gifread differently than Hafs 'an 'Aasim

i. The following words are read with a kasrah on the   and a medd_as-silah.gif of two vowel counts:

     , which are read as: for An-Naml and for An-Noor. 

ii.  Ibn Katheer reads the word yardhahu.gif in the phrase az-zumar_7.gif with a dhammah on the ha' and a medd_as-silah.gif of two vowel counts.

iii.  Ibn Katheer  adds a hamzah saakinah to the word arjih.gif in the phrasearjih%20wa%akhaahu.gifand reads the ha_adh-dhameer.gifwith a dhammah and a two vowel count lengthening on the ha.gif.  It is read as: arjihu_wa_akhaahu_hamzah_dhamm_ha.gif.  This phrase occurs twice in the Glorious Qur’an. in Al-A-‘Araaf aayah 111 (7:111) and Ash-Shu3ara' aayah 26 (26:36)

iv. The ha_adh-dhameer.gif is read with a kasrah on the ha.gif, and with a  medd_as-silah.gif in the first example from al-Kahf and no lengthening in the second example in al-Fath in the following words:   and .  They are therefore read as: in Al-Kahf and in Al-FatH.

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