Lesson Six

8.   The Single Hamzah

Warsh changes (makes of) the hamzah saakinah that is the first letter of the root of the word-meaning third person past tense singular- into a medd letter corresponding to the vowel on the letter preceding the hamzah.  This requires knowledge of the Arabic language enough to derive a noun or conjugated verb into its root.  An example is the word  which has a hamzah saakinah.  The root of this word is  , with a hamzah as its first letter.

  Warsh therefore changes the hamzah saakinah in the word  into a lengthened  (two vowel counts).

Exception:  If the word in question comes from  a derivative of the word  then there is no  for Warsh.  Examples of words that are derivatives of  are the words:  ,  , and  .

Warsh also changes the hamzah with a  preceded by a dhammah into a  (with an accompanying ) as in:   ,  , and  .

The three words:  ,  ,  and  are also read with  of the hamzah in the recitation of Warsh.  In all three of these words, the hamzah is changed into a lengthened .

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