Lesson Eight

14. Extra eliminated from the writing of the Glorious Qur’an.


Qaloon reads with words with the extra at the end with an established when continuing reading, but eliminates, or drops them when stopping on the word.

By establishing, it is meant that these words are read with a saakinah on the end when continuing.  If there is a voweled letter outside of a hamzah  after the established saakinah when continuing, it is lengthened the normal two vowel counts of a .  If there is a hamzah  after the established , medd rules are applied as usual, which is either two or four vowel counts for the riwaayah of Qaloon.  As noted in the lesson title, these are not written in the words. The are always either established or dropped in the different qira'aat wherein the (lesson 13) are established when both continuing and stopping, but either saakin or voweled with a .  The following words are words that Qaloon establishes a  when continuing:

(Aali-'Imran 20)  


(Hud 105)  

(Al-Israa 62) 


(Al-Israa 97 and Al-Kahf 17)


(Al-Kahf 24) 


 (Al-Kahf 40)  

(Al-Kahf 64)  


(Al-Kahf 66)

(Ta-Ha 93)  

(An-Naml 36)



(Ghaafir 38)


 (Ash-Shuraa 32) 


(Qaf 41)


(Al-Qamar 8) 


(Al-Fajr 4-5)  

(Al-Fajr 15-16)  

(Al-Fajr 16-17)  


There is in the riwaayah of Qaloon four in which there are two allowed ways to read.  They are:

1.     (An-Naml 36)     

In this aayah, Qaloon establishes the with a on it when continuing [i.e. joining it with that which comes next], and when stopping he has two allowed ways, the first establishing and pronouncing the and second, dropping it in pronunciation.   


2. In the aayah:

   (Al-Baqarah 186) 

Qaloon has two allowed ways of reading the extra in the word and the extra in the word È when continuing reading.  One of the two allowed ways is with dropping the and the other allowed way is with establishing the and pronouncing it as a saakinah.  

When stopping on either of these two words, the is dropped. 


3.  In the aayah:  (Az-Zukhruf 68) , Qaloon reads with an established when continuing and eliminating it when stopping.  In this aayah however, Qaloon establishes an extra on the word in both states.  both when continuing and when stopping, in contrast to the rule for him in the extra ya’ aat.  His normal rule is establishing the


This ends the lesson on and ends the basic rules for the riwaayah of Qaloon.  There are many special words for Qaloon that can be learned from a mushaf of the ten qira’aat or a mushaf special for the reading of Qaloon.

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