Lesson Six

12. The straight, the imaalah, and the in between

Qaloon reads all words in the Qur’an with , or no imaalah at all, except for the word  in aayah 109 of surah At-Tawbah

,  which is read by the riwaayah of Qaloon with (grand imaalah) as the only allowed way, and the word , wherever it is found in the Qur’an, which is read with (lessor imaalah) as one of two allowed ways of reading this word, the other being with  (no imaalah at all). 

There are some circumstantial rules as to the reading of the word  with .  If one is reading the riwaayah of Qaloon with two vowel counts () of and not making , then the the word  is read with taqleel.  If one is reading with two vowel counts of  and making , the word  is read with  (no imaalah at all).  If one is reading  with four counts and putting a sukoon on the plural meem when reading continuously (not making ) then the word  is read without any imaalah (); if however one is reading  with four vowel counts and lengthening a dhammah on the plural meem when continuing (making ), then the word  is read with

The following chart summarizes the circumstances under which the word  is read with  in the riwaayah of Qaloon:


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