Lesson One

Lesson One


Joining two surahs together
 This means joining the end of one surah with the beginning of the next, following surah in the order of the Qur'an.  The recitation of Hamzah, which includes both Khalaf and Khallad has only one way of joining two surahs together:
 : Joining the last words of the first surah with the first words of the following surah with no basmalah.  The vowels on the last word of the first surah must be used, and any rules that apply when joining the last word of the surah with the first word of the next sequential surah must be observed.

Hamzah (meaning Khalaf and Khallaad) reads in surah Al-Faatihah aayah 4 with no alif in the word

3. and
Khallad 'an Hamzah reads the letter
in the word and   as a .  The exception to this is the first occurence of in aayah 6 of surah Al-Faatihah which he reads with a combination of a and aThe sound is then the sound of a  with tafkheem and The recitation of Khallad reads only this first occurence , which is aayah 6 of Al-Faatihah this way, whereas Khalaf 'an Hamzah reads all the occurences in the whole Qur'an with the mixing of the sound of the and


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