Lesson Five

 أبو عمرو reads الهاء  with a sukoon in the following words:
 53 ِالنور    - with a kasrah on the قاف and a sukoon on the هاء

(Same as Hafs)

There are two ways of reading this occurrence for Doori 'an Abui 'Amr: with a sukoon and with a vowel and a silah, As-Soosi 'an Abi 'Amr reads it with a sukoon only.
 أبو عمرٍو reads the following هاء الضمير differently than Hafs; 
In the following word which occurs twice in the Qur’an Abu 'Amr reads it with an added hamzah saakinah followed by a هاء مضمومة


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