Lesson 4

ياءات الزّوائدExtra ياءاتeliminated from the writing of the Glorious Qur’an.

1. The Riwaayah of Shu’bah drops theياء  in both writing and in pronunciation both when continuing and stopping in the word aatani_drop_ya.gifin the aayah an_naml_36_no_ya.gif

(An-Naml 36).

2.  Shu’bah adds a extra ياءwith a fathah on it on the word ya_ibaadee_shubah.gif

in the aayah: ya_ibaadi_azzukhruf.gif(Az-Zukhruf 68), the first word is read as:ya_ibaadee_shubah.gif

The four saktaat which Hafs has as special words are specific to Hafs and Shu’bah does not read with a sakt between the special words which are in Surah Al-Kahf between aayah 1 and 2, YaSeen aayah 52, Al-Qiyaamah aayah 37 and Al-Mutaffifeen 14. The normal idghaam rules are applied when reading in continuum without the saktaat between aayah one and two of Al-Kahf,  Al-Qiyaamah 37 and Al-Mutaffifeen 14.  


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