Lesson Three: Ya' aat al-Idhaafah

ya_aat_al_idghaafah.gif The attached ya’ denoting “me” or “my”

The attached ياء meaning "me" or "my" can be attached to a verb awzi3nee.gif


a noun ajree.gif,

or a preposition or particle as in ma3ee2.gif

The attached  ya.gif

is not part of the original make up of the word. 


 Shu’bah reads differently than Hafs the ya_aat_al_idghaafah.gifin the following words:

1.  ma3ee2.gifShu’bah reads theya.gif with a sukoon in all places it occurs in the Qur’an. 

When ahamzah_al-qat3.giffollows the ya.gif there is then a medd_jaaiz_munfasil.gifwhich would be lengthened four or five vowel counts, such as in:ma3ee_abadaa.gif


2.  in_ajree_illaa.gifShu’bah reads the ya.gifwith a sukoon in all places this phrase occurs in the Qur’an, with an accompanying medd_jaaiz_munfasil.gifwhen continuing.


3.  In the riwaayah of Shu’bah, the ya.gif in the word baytee.gifis read with a sukoon.  This occurs in three places in the Qur’an, Al-Baqarah 125, Al-Hajj 26, and Nuh 28.



4.  wajhee.gifin Aali ‘Imraan 20 and Al-‘An’aam 79 is read with a sukoon of ya_aat_al_idghaafah.gifin the riwaayah of Shu’bah.

5.  The ya.gif in the word yadee.giffound in the phrase yadee_ilayk.gifin Al-Maa’idah 28 is read with a sukoon and there will be a medd_jaaiz_munfasil.gifdue to thehamzah_al-qat3.gifat the beginning of the next wordafter the ya.gif.


6.  In the same surah (Al-Maai’dah) aayah 116, Shu’bah reads with a sukoon of the ya.gif in the word ummee.giffound in the phrase: wa_ummee_ilahayn.gifThere will be an accompanying medd_jaaiz_munfasil.gif when read in continuum with the next word, since the next word begins with a hamzah_al-qat3.gif.

7.  Shu’bah reads with a sukoon on the ya.gif in the word lee.gifin the phrases:

      A.  Ibrahim 22lee_3laykum.gif

      B.  TaHa 18    wa_lee_feehaa_maaaribu.gif

      C.  Saad 23    wa_lee_na3jah.gif

        D.  Saad 69      lee_min_3lmin.gif

      E.   Al-Kaafiroon 7 wa_liya_deen.gif


8.  In contrast to Hafs, Shu’bah reads with a fathah on the ya.gif in the following places in the Qur’an:

      Al-Baqarah 124 3adiya_ath-thaalimeen.gif

       As-Saff 6              min_ba3diya_smuhu.gif


This ends the lesson on ya_aat_al_idghaafah.gif







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