How many ways/variation are there in the word 'Nabiy-yeen' in all the Qira'aats.

AS-Salaamu-A'laikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

How many ways/variation are there in the word 'Nabiy-yeen' in all the Qira'aats. Its just I'm getting a little confused and i would appreciate any help.

I'm grateful to Allah Azzawajal and to you good people at May Allah guide and protect us all and make us from the people of Qur'aan.

was-salaamu a'laikum

Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.
There are two ways of reading in the different qira’aat, one way which is the way of Naafi’ (Qaloon and Warsh) is with the hamzah present after the first ; read as: .

The other way is read by all the other ways of recitation other than Naafi' and it  is with an exchange of the hamzah for a saakinah, the two then merge into one with a shaddah, as shown in the first example:

There are two things to note in the reading of Naafi’. There is a medd letter is followed by a hamzah in one word, so there is, which is lengthened four counts for Qaloon and six vowel counts for Warsh.
The second item of note is that there is a medd letter after the hamzah, which is the requisite for . Warsh lengthens two, four, or six vowel counts. If you are reading with Warsh in a normal recitation, you will be following a set way for  , so you will apply whichever length you are using. If however, you are learning the qira’aat and reciting them together, you will be reading Warsh with all three lengthenings for the , so you will have two  different medd in this word, first , and the second with two, four, and six vowel counts. Please review the rules of Warsh, because there are relationships between and other rules, such as , and the of .

Jazakum Allahu khairan and Ameen to your dua’.
Wa assalaam alaikum.