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In Mushaf in Warsh printed by Daar ul Ma'rifah, it showed the letter baa in soorah Al Baqarah #284 is saakin (yu'athib)

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Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh,

In the Tajweed Mushaf in Warsh printed by Daar ul Ma'rifah, it showed the letter baa in soorah Al Baqarah #284 is saakin (yu'athib) but the code says to read it with qalqalah but in notes it says to make idgham with the meem.
Can you clarify this for us? JazakAllahu khaira.
Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh
Warsh reads the words يعذب ويغفر  in aayah 284 of Al-Baqarah with what is called jazm, In the case of these two words its affect is that the last letter has a sukoon. 
Warsh does not make idhgaam of the ba' saakinah into the meem, although there are different ways of recitation which do make idghaam.  Some musaahif are for the recitation of Nafi' (Qa;ppm amd Warsh) and the mushaf is written with the Warsh way and the notes on the side are for the riwaayah of Qaloon.  Qaloon does make idghaam here.  Warsh does not  (meaning he reads it with idh-haar) and therefore reads the ba' saakinah of يعذب with a qalqalah. 
Please check the type of mushaf as to whether it is for Nafi' with Qaloon differences to Warsh written on the side of the page. 
Wa iyyakum.
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