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My question is regarding the 5th case of Nabr regarding the dual form of Alif.

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Assalamalaikum wa rahmathullahi wa barakatuhu
My question is regarding the 5th case of Nabr regarding the dual form of Alif. Is the Nabr to be performed on only the 3 words mentioned in your notes i.e dhaqasshajarah, Qaalalhamdulillah and Wastabaqal baab? There are other words like Ladalbaab in surah Yusuf verse 25.

my second query regarding the Nabr on dual Alif is regarding the way to perform it. Am i right in understanding that the Nabr in this case must be performed by raising your voice and stressing the mushaddad letter?
May Allah reward your team for the immense efforts you all have put in.

Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh
Yes there are only three times in the Qur'an where the dual alif is followed by a saakin letter in which a nabr is needed to demonstrate that it is the dual form and not past tense singular male.
The word ladaa is not a dual form.  It is a non conjugated (mabnee) word donating a place (Dharf makaan). 

The nabr is raising the voice on the letter before, but it does not need to be a shaddah letter after.  It depends on the cicumstance of the nabr. 

For those wanting more information on the nabr and its cases, please see:

May Allah reward you also.
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