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In the riwaayaat where "wasl" is allowed between "suwar" without the "basmalah"

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In the riwaayaat where "wasl" is allowed between "suwar" without the "basmalah", if I read surah Nas, then surah Ikhlaas, can I make "wasl"? Or is it only with the "suwar" in order?
Jazaakallahu khairan

Most scholars say it should be two consecutive surahs which are joined.  There are some who say it can be two non-consecutive surahs, but those who say that, also say the first surah has to be preceding the second in order in the Qur'an and not the other way around.  So for both cases reciting An-Naas and then Ikhlaas it would not be allowed to join the two surahs together. 
Wa iyyaakum
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