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Tafkheem and Tarqeeq, part 3 PDF Print E-mail

This lesson continues explaining which letters sometimes have tafkheem and sometimes tarqeeq, and the circumstances for each case.  This lesson will discuss the cases of tafkheem for the letter

Tafkheem of the letter

The  has 8 cases in which it has tafkheem, 4 cases in which it has tarqeeq, and 2 cases that allow either tafkheem or tarqeeq.


The Eight cases in which the  has tafkheem:

1.  If it has a fat-hah, such as in  


2.  If it is saakinah and before the  is a letter with a  fat-ha, as in:

3.  If it is saakinah and the letter before it has a sukoon, and the letter before that has a fat-h, as when stopping on the word: Click here to listen


4.  If it has a dhammah, as in  : Click here to listen

5.  If it ( ), has a sukoon, and the letter before it has a dhammah, such as in : Click here to listen


6.  If the  is saakinah, preceded by a saakin, which is preceded by a dhammah.  As when stopping on the word: .Click here to listen


7.  If the  is saakinah and preceded by a presented kasrah ( this is in the hamzah wasl).  The  is pronounced with tafkheem when preceded by hamzah wasl, if we start on the hamzah wasl with a kasrah, or if continuing from the previous word.  Examples:  

      Click here to listen  


8.  If the  is saakinah and before is a kasrah, and after the a letter of   that does NOT have a kasrah; meaning it has any vowel (including the sukoon) except a kasrah.  As in:  


Click here to listen

These then are the eight circumstances for tafkheem of the letter .  In the next lesson, insha’ Allah, we will discuss the circumstances for tarqeeq of the letter
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