Ranks of the ghunna - 1) What rank is iqlaab please?

Ranks of the ghunna -
1) What rank is iqlaab please? 
2) For completeness, can we also say that ikhfa' tanween also takes the rank of "complete ghunnah" or is there a reason that only saakinah is specified?
3) Can you cite a traditional document (e.g. the jazariyyah ) that details the ranks of the ghunnah in the hafs tradition?
Jazak Allau khaira.

1. The Iqlab is the same rank as the Ikhfa', because in the end that is how we read it, with an ikhfa' of the meem (which was originally a noon) before the ba'
2.  The tanween is a noon saakinah , so it is the same as a noon saakinah and has the same rank
3-  The explanation of Al Mufeed fee At-Tajweed (which is a classical poem with the rules of tajweed by Al Imam Shihab Ad-Deen Ahmed At-Teebiy died 979 H) has the ranks of the ghunnah.  The explanation is by his emminence Sheikh Ayman Swayd. 
Wa iyyaakum wa-l muslimeen