I have very bad pronunciation and due to fear of reciting wrong I have stopped reciting anything from Quran even saying..


I have very bad pronunciation and due to fear of reciting wrong I have stopped reciting anything from Quran even saying Allah.  I feel I don’t pronounce it correct and by pronouncing wrong I am calling someone other than Allah and so commiting shirk.  I am very much depressed by that. 

1.  What does it mean by not breaking the breath while reciting, does it mean not to take the breath IN or not blow the breath OUT or both? 

2.  Can I breath in between the words or I should say in between a single word.  If you think you will know and feel that some amount of breath goes in or out in between a single word just like in usual talking too.

3.  And due to some other reasons like due to spit or natural fluid in the mouth, a different sound appears when reciting in between a word, like Ka or Ta sound.  I feel instead of saying Allah I am saying Ahlhah (Haa sound in between Alif and Laam), another example is like Allakha instead of Allah.

4.  Can we say Alla (no Haa sound at the end) like usually people pronounce like that in normal way of talking. 

Please reply to me at your earliest convenience, I will be very very much thankful to you.  I am in great difficulty and depressed due to these problems.

May Allah give you the reward of it.

Thanks and Assamalm-o-Alaikum.


Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

First of all we would like to apologize for not answering earlier. 

You have no intention to pronounce the Qur’an or the name of Allah incorrectly and are doing your best not to, so you need to put aside what seems to be whispers from Shaytaan and know that Allah will not hold you accountable for things that are above your capabilities. 

We would like to point out a previous question answered by his eminence Ash-Sheikh Dr. Ayman Swayd.  Please click on the following link to read this question and answer: http://www.abouttajweed.com/q2060102.htm

1.  When a human pronounces a sound, they are almost always exhaling during the sound.  The air needs to pass through the larynx while it vibrates to produce the sound, so breathing out while reading is normal.  What is not liked is inhaling in the middle of a word or in between words without stopping properly. 

2. One should breath after pronouncing a word correctly, but needs to stop and take the breath, not take a quick breath then continue.  When stopping the reader should be careful on which word he/she will stop, so should plan out their stops according to the meaning.  A teacher will help you with this.  When we talk we breath out, we pause and take a breath then continue talking. 

3.  This again may be whispers from Ash-Shaytaan.  Without hearing we cannot judge.  If you have a qualified teacher of the Qur’an near you, we suggest you read to them and let them comment on your reading. 

4. We must pronounce the Glorious name of Allah with the , as that is part of His name and a letter in the word. 

Do not be depressed and do not feel hopeless.  Even if you have some mistakes in your recitation, insha’ Allah they can be corrected when a qualified teacher hears your recitation and gives you tips on how to correct it.  It is very likely the problems you have are minor and the Shaytan is making them seem greater than they actually are.  In any event, you should not abandon the Qur’an and not be afraid to recite it.  You have no intention on making any mistake and have no intention to call on other than Allah, insha’ Allah.  Please also read and especially note the last two pages: http://www.abouttajweed.com/Why%20should%20we%20read%20the%20Quran%20tajweed.pdf

May Allah make easy for you the correct recitation of the Qur’an and remove from you any doubt about your recitation. 

Jazakum Allahu khairan.

Wa assalaam alaikum wa rahmatullah.