I had a few questions on the recitation of Qaloon. 1. Does Qaloon do ikhtilaas in recitation...

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkaatuh,
Jazakallah khair for your great work on this site.
I had a few questions on the recitation of Qaloon. 
1. Does Qaloon do ikhtilaas in recitation as it would seem from listening to reciters such as in Soorah yaseen V 49, yakhissimoon.
2. Does Qaloon also do ishmaam such as In Soorah Mulk verse 27 when the word is recited Sweeee at, rather than seeeeat.
jazakAllah khair for your response.

Wa aliakum asslaaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,
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The words in question are special words for Qaloon.  We did not include special words in the lessons because of their length and all who want to recite Qaloon should have the mushaf specially for that recitation, or have a book (it will be in Arabic) with the list of special words and how they are read.
The answer to your questions are as follows:
1.  Yes, in some special words the riwaayah of Qaloon has ikhtilaas of vowels.   The example you put forth of aayah 49 of Ya Seen is one such case in one of the two allowed ways this riwaayah has for reading this word.  In the first way the kha'  is read with a sukoon and the with a kasrah and a shaddah on it .   In the second allowed way, there is a fathah on the kha' and this fathah is read with ikhtilaas, meaning we give the timing of 3/4 of a full vowel count and drop the other 1/4 vowel count, and the has a shaddah with a kasrah.
2.  Also, yes and this is also a special word.  Nafi', meaning both Qaloon and Warsh read the word , with a mixture of a dhammah and a kasrah on the seen (ishmaam). 
Wa iyyaakum
wa asslaam alaikum wa rahmatullah.