Nevertheless, I would like your advice: Which system should I use to memorize the Quran? The mujawwad which..

Assalamu aleikum

A. I am still memorizing the Quran. Before,  I used to listen to the mujawwad (very slow recitation) as it helped me remember better. Up until this past Ramadan (1427 hijr) I have been using the taraweeh recitations (notably by sheikh Shuraim) to memorize the Quran.
Nevertheless, I would like your advice: Which system should I use to memorize the  Quran? The mujawwad which is the slow paced recitation or the Taraweeh which is a bit faster?

B. In verse 30 of surah 75 (Qiyamah): "ila rabbika yaw ma idhinil wa saaq". Would you please explain why the kasra tanween on the "dhal" automatically connect with the hamzat al wals to be read "idhinil". This is just an example among the many in the Quran that follow this rule. Another example is joining the last word of verse 1 in  surat ikhlass (112) with the beginning of verse 2 of that same surah.
May Allah reward you greatly inshallah
Wa salamu alaikum



Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

A.  We would definitely recommend the mujawwad recordings over the taraweeh prayer recordings.  The slower pace is one reason, another reason is that when a reciter makes the mujawwad recordings he is in a studio and more likely to be more at ease and read better than when leading a prayer.  Also. The mujawwad recordings (as they are called by some) allow for redoing a section if the sheikh is not happy with the recitation, whereas the taraweeh recordings are live and cannot be redone. 

B. Please see the following link for full details on the meeting of two saakin letters and the rules for the meeting of two saakin letters between two words.  In this case thesaakinah of the tanween of  is meeting the  saakinah of the  of the next word, and the same rules apply for joining aayah 1 of surah Al-Ikhlaas with aayah two. . .


And may Allah reward you with all khair.

Wa assalaam alaikum wa rahmatullah.