How to pronounce ra' mushaddada at the end of a verse; is it only one ra'?

Assalaaamu alaikum,

With reference to the question about how to pronounce ra' mushaddada at the end of a verse. Is it only one ra' being pronounced and not two when stopping?


Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,
Since both ra' are saakinah, it is not possible to clearly read the two, but instead we put an accent ( in Arabic) starting on the vowel of the letter before the first ra' and continuing to the ra', and this makes it clear that there are two. 
Please see: 
Specifically the first circumstance of the accent in recitation, and please note, there are sound files on this page to help you to learn the proper way to read words ending with a shaddah on the last letter. 

Wa iyyaakum