How is the Raa recited in the word "IniR-Tab-tum la nashtaree" in surah Al Maa'ida, Ayah 106?


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In Surah Al Maa'ida, Ayah 106:  , how is the Raa in  recited?

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The letter ra’ in the phrase 
is read with tafkheem. This is because it is preceded by hamzah al-wasl. All ra’ saakinah preceded by hamzah al-wasl are read with tafkheem, even if we start the verb with the hamzah wasl as a kasrah, there still would be tafkheem on the ra’.

This is rule number seven in the eight cases of tafkheem for the ra’. Please see:

May Allah grant you, your family, and the Ummah guidance, forgive our sins, and grant that we are all of “ahl” Al-Qur’an and Allah’s special ones.

Wa iyyaakum wa-l-muslimeen.
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