How do you read ayah 144 in surah al- imran?

Salamu alaikum and ramadhan mubaarak.
How do you read ayah 144 in surah al- imran?


Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuh.  May Allah grant you and all Muslims a blessed Ramadhan and may He accept and make easy for us our fasts and righteous deeds.

There are two words, or phrases in this aayah that may need some explanation.  The  word has an extra  in the writing that is not pronounced when saying the word, so we read it as:  with an idghaam of the saakinah in to the first letter of the next word, a .   

The phrase , is read with the fat-hah on the , the hamzah wasl is not pronounced when continuing, so from the one directly starts the ikhfa’ rule of the saakinah  followed by the articulation of the letter .  

Insha’ Allah this helps you, and if there is something specific in the aayah that you need assistance with, please send another question with details.

Wa assalam