Do we read the "kha" with tafkheem or tarqeeq as it is preceded with a kasrah?

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahtullah. Ramadaan kareem. 

I would like more information on the word "ikhraaj" in the Holy Qur’an. Do we read the "kha" with tafkheem or tarqeeq as it is preceded with a kasrah. Salaam


Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuh.  Ramadhan Kareem and an early  Eid Mubaraak to all.

The letter  is one of the seven letters that have the intrinsic characteristic of .  These seven letters, , are known as the letters of tafkheem.   The characteristics in the category of , or intrinsic characteristics, never leave the letter, and so the letter  always has tafkheem and never has tarqeeq. 

There is however, a difference of opinion among scholars of tajweed as to the level of tafkheem in the letter  in the word  in the three level of tafkheem school of thought.  The difference of opinion arises from the   being saakinah, preceded by a kasrah, but followed by a that has tafkheem.  Some scholars say that the  has the lowest level of tafkheem in the three levels of tafkheem school of thought, because of the kasrah preceding it and do not consider the tafkheem of the  to change that. Others say that the  with tafkheem following the has an effect on the level of tafkheem of the  and it has a higher level of tafkheem than the lowest level.

Wa assalaam