I would like to use your website to teach children about tajweed. Actually, I would like you to help me to know how to teach it?

Your website is very good, Macahhaallah.

I would like to use it to teach children about tajweed. Actually, I would like you to help me and know how to teach it. I have been asked to teach tajweed to a group of Asian girls, and their parents. However, I feel I need to know how to go about it. Would you please help me?

Thank you!!


Assalaam alaikum.

Jazakum Allahu khairan for the nice comment.

The most important thing for anyone teaching non-Arabs is to expect them to recite exactly like the correct recitation should be.  Do not accept less than that.  It may take them longer to master some of the articulation points of the letters, but as long as you correct them consistently and they try hard and make dua’, insha’ Allah they will achieve mastery in recitation. 

The most important things to correct are the letters themselves and the timing of their recitation so that they do not lengthen vowels and do not shorten medd letters.  The corrections of their reading should be intense and consistent.  The tajweed rules should be explained and applied in their reading at a rate that is not too slow and not too fast.  Understanding the rules is important but applying them is more important and of course, the goal of teaching them.

We have seen many classes of non-Arabs excel to the level of mastered Arabs in their recitation, knowledge, and mastery of tajweed and this is due to Allah’s help, then their hard work and the hard work and patience of the teacher.

You are welcome!!