As'Salaamu Alaikum.  I have a few questions pertaining to Arabic. 


1. Laam At-Ta’reef – what is it and its significance?

2. Types of Laam At-Ta’reef – Laam Ash-Shamsiyyah and Laam Al-Qamariyyah.  Which one of these should be pronounced vs. made silent?


3. Hamzat Al-Wasl – What is it, when is it pronounced and when is it made silent.  When pronounced, what Harakah should be assigned to it, and under what conditions?


4. Two Saakins – What happens what two Saakins come together? What happens when a Madd Letter comes before a Saakinah letter?


5. Al-Alif Al-Maqsoorah – what is it and how to pronounce it?


6. At-Ta’awwudh and Al-Basmalah – how to pronounce them combined and separated?

I appreciate whatever assistance you can provide InshaAllah.



Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.


You will find the information you want, insha’ Allah on the site.  Please see the links matching the question numbers below.

1 and 2 The description and rules of Laam At-Ta’reef:


3. Hamah Al-Wasl rules.  You will need to study all of the sub-links, as the vowel used when starting the word with a hamzah al-wasl varies depending on what part of grammar the word among other factors in verbs:


4.  Two Saakin letters meeting.  Please see the detailed answer to a question in the following link:


5.  Alif Maqsoora is always at the end of a word, and is an alif originating from a ya’, so it is written like a ya’ without the dots, and is pronounced as an alif if the first pronounced letter of the next word is not a sukoon.  If the first pronounced letter of the next word is a sukoon, then the alif is dropped.   Also please see:


6.  For the rules on the basmalah and  please see:


Insha’ Allah these links will help you in finding the answers to your questions.
Wa assalaam alaikum.