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Listening to several recitations of Quran when verse 1.2 (Al Faatihah 2) is read I keep hearing Al hamdu Illahi or Al hamdu Ulahi

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Listening to several recitations of Quran when verse 1.2 is read I keep hearing Al hamdu Illahi or Al hamdu Ulahi, however when I read the Arabic text and the way I say it says Al hamdu Lilahi. However upon closer examination of the recitations, they also say Al hamdu Lilahi, but the first Lam is hard to tell, I'm very confused is there something in tajweed I dont know?

The Glorious name of Allah, if preceded by a kasrah is read with attenuation (lightness) of the , whereas if it is preceded by a fathah or kasrah, it is read with velarization (heaviness) of the.  In the case of aaayah two of Al- Faatihah, there is a kasrah on the laam which is attached to, but not part of the original make up of the Glorious name of Allah, so the of the Glorious name of Allah is read with a lightness, not heavy.  The laam has a shaddah on it, so there are two laams which are pronounced besides the with the kasrah preceding it.  We therefore have three laams pronounced in a row, the first with a kasrah, the second with a sukoon ( no vowel) and the third with a fathah.  All three of these are read with tarqeeq, or lightly. 
This is most likely the reason why you cannot hear the laam as strongly as you would hear it when it has tafkheem. 
Please see the following link for more details:
You need to scroll down a bit to find the laam rules of the Glorious name of Allah. 
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