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How do we read/pronounce the qalqala with ishmam and roum?

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How do we read/pronounce the qalqala with ishmam and roum? Please explain with examples and sound files.

The rules for the letter that we are stopping on with  are the same as if we were continuing, so we read a qalqalah letter which has either a kasrah or dhammah on it, as we do when continuing, but giving the kasrah or dhammah only 1/3 of the normal amount of vowel count, and lower our voice.  An example is: .   When stopping on this word with , we would give the kasrah on the daal only 1/3 of a normal vowel count, and treat the daal as we would if we were continuing.  Since the letter is read with the vowel, and treated as when continuing, there would be no qalqalah. 
The definition of is: Weakening of the sound with a vowel until most of its sound disappears with that weakening. 
The sound therefore is weakened to the point that only those near by can hear it.  It would be difficult then to produce an audio of that that would be clearly audible. 

As far stopping with , we need to look at the definiton.   is defined as: An expression of circling the two lips, without a sound after pronouncing the last letter saakin, indicating a dhamm.
We can understand from this that is seen, but not heard, since no sound is heard during it.  When stopping on a word that ends in a qalqalah letter with a dhamm using , such as when stopping on , one would pronounce the qalqalah with no lip or jaw movement acompanying it, then after completing the qalqalah, circle the lips, protruding them forward as we do for a letter with a dhamm, but with no sound. 
Since there is no sound involved, it is not possible to produce an audio file.

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