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Do you think that it's enough to do it in a big group (which is free) or do you think that to really perfect one's recitation one needs..

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bismillahi rahmani rahim-

Assalamou alaikum,

I'm an English convert. I'm presently taking tajweed lessons in a group, do you think that it's enough to do it in a big group (which is free) or do you think that to
really perfect one's recitation one needs to do individual lessons (which are quite expensive here in England)?

I've been learning Qu'ran by imitating the recitor Mishary Rashid al-Efasy, as I love his way of reciting, but I've been advised that I should learn it off Mahmood al-Hosary as he's the best and clearest
recitor to learn from. What do you think?

My last question: I was looking through the questions and answers on your site and I was shocked to read that there's difference of opinion on the number of ayat/verses in the Qu'ran. How can this be? I thought that there was only 1 version of the Qu'ran, it's not like the bible which has been changed over time so therefore there are many different versions. Surely the Qu'ran is the preserved and unadulterated word of Allah which we're all sure about, if this is the case how can there be ikhtilaf on the number of verses? This upsets and worries me!!!

Barak Allahu fik for all your efforts to spread the Haqq.

Hope to hear from you very soon.

Assalamou alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh


Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

We definitely recommend a group for learning tajweed over individual lessons.  In addition to being corrected on your recitation, you have the opportunity to listen to corrections others students are given by the teacher.  If you keep keen attention when others read and the corrections of the teacher, it helps develop your ear for picking out mistakes and understanding how to correct them.  Usually the best students are those who pay attention to all the corrections and learn from them.  You also have the advantage of hearing the Qur’an recited many times, so if you are memorizing, it strengthens your memorization, if you are reading from the copy of the Qur’an itself, you also gain knowledge.   

We have not heard Sheikh Al-Efasy outside of a few times, but can confirm that Sheikh Al-Husary is an excellent source to listen to for learning correct recitation.

In part of a previous question we stated the following: The surah names were added to the copies of the mus-haf  during or after the third century hijarah at the same time they added markers for the end of aayaat as well as the aayaat numbers, so they were not in the 'Uthmanee copy of the mus-haf  (see mabaaHith fee 3uloom al-Qur'an by Al-Ustaath Mannaa3 al-QaTTaan p. 152).

You may note then that the aayaat numbers  were not part of the written Qur’an until later years and the number of aayaat is not considered an immutable matter, and is not part of the ‘Uthmani mushaf.  The aayah markers are enhancements of the written Qur’an added in the third century hijarah.  The Prophet,  would generally stop at the end of an aayah, but he would also sometimes join two aayaat together so differences came as to whether the stop was indicating an aayah or that the stop was a good place to stop in the middle of an aayah.  The number of aayaat in the Qur’an does not change a word of the Qur’an, the way that word is written, or its meaning.  The Qur’an is unchanged from the time of revelation. Insha’ Allah your heart is more at ease. 

Jazakum Allahu khairan for the questions and may Allah make easy for your the proper knowledge and application of tajweed in the recitation of the Qur'an.

Wa  alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

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