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What books are available for turuq of tayyibah?

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salaams. respected brothers.i would like to know what books are available would regards to the turuq of tayyibah besides sharhu tayyibah an nashr and an-nashr fil qiraat al-ashr.i know there are alot of intricacies in the there any kitab that discusses the reading of the different turuq and what rules should be observed, like for Hafs there is  sareehun nass.jazakallah
Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.
The best books to use is one of the tahreeraat, which roughly means description or clarification. The word tahreer, if you look in an Arabic-English dictionary comes out to be edit, but in the science of qira’aat, it means: science through which one gains knowledge of the summarized details in the differences of the turuq from one riwaayah to another riwaayah. It makes clear the different transmitted ways from the possible rational ways for each particular raawi. 
There are many tahreeraat of the Tayyibah, but a few of the better known are Tahreeraat Al-Izmeeri and Tahreeraat Tabbaakh. Tahreeraat At-Tayybiah compiled by Jamal Ad-Deen Muhammead Shareef, and published by Dar As-Sahaabah has some tables just as there are tables in Sareehu-n-Nass.
There is a learning poem (manthoomah) that makes clear the turuq also, it is named: Tanqeeh Fath al-Kareem fee Tahreer Awjah Al-Qur’aan Al-‘ATHeem.
May Allah grant you the knowledge of the different ways of the Tayyibah and application of them.
Wa assalaam alaikum
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