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The (making clear) of the Noon Saakinah and Tanween

The last tidbit lesson defined the  saakinah and the tanween, and stated there are four different possible rules to be applied to the  saakinah and tanween.  The rule that is applied depends on the letter that immediately follows the  saakinah or tanween.  This lesson describes the first of these rules, the  or making clear of the  saakinah and tanween. 

The word  is defined linguistically as: clear or obvious.

The applied definition of the  is: Pronouncing every letter from its articulation point without a ghunnah [in this case, without a prolonged ghunnah] on the clear letter. 
In other words, when this  rule is applied to the  saakinah or tanween, the  is pronounced clearly, and articulated from its articulation point. 

There are six letters which when immediately follow the  saakinah or tanween, they cause the  to be pronounced clearly.  These letters are the “throat” letters, or the six letters which are articulated from the throat:  .  The  saakinah can be in the middle of a word or at the end of the word, the tanween is only at the end of a word, namely a noun.  When the  saakinah or tanween is followed by any of these six letters, the  is then pronounced clearly. 

In surah ‘Abasa, aayah 18, there are examples of both a  saakinah followed by a letter of , and a tanween followed by a letter of : .  The first word of the aayah ends with a  saakinah, and is followed by a hamzah.  The third word of the aayah ends with a tanween kasrah, and is followed by the letter .  Both the hamzah and the  are of the six letters that cause the  saakinah and tanween to be said clearly, in other words, with an . 

The last aayah of surah Al-Ikhlaas has an example of an  of the tanween. .  Listen to this aayah.

An example of a  saakinah in the middle of a word, followed by one of the  letters is found in the second aayah of Al-Kawthar. .  Listen to this aayah.

In conclusion, when the  saakinah or tanween are followed by any of the the six letters , the  is then pronounced clearly.  Please remember we are only discussing  saakinah, which means it has no vowel on it.  If there is a vowel on the , then it is pronounced from its articulation point with the accompanying vowel.