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Hamzah Al-Wasl Lesson 6


Hamzat Al-Wasl in Participles


This lesson discusses how to begin hamzah wasl in the third part of Arabic speech, participles, more specifically, the definite article "the" which is a laam attached to a noun, preceded by a hamzah al-wasl. 

 The hamzah-t al-wasl can precede the participle  of   or the definite article “the”.  The hamzat al-wasl then beginning any noun beginning with the laam of the definite article "the" is read with a fat-h .  Examples of this are found in the following:

The disappears in writing and in pronunciation in ""of nouns when preceded by   with a kasrah.  This is demonstrated in the following verses:

When the other prepositional  letters enter a noun beginning with   the  is not pronounced, but is still written in the word:




Chart summarizing vowels used when beginning a word with hamzah-t al-wasl




Next lesson, insha' Allah, we will begin discussing what happens when the questioning hamzah qata' meets with the hamzah wasl in nouns and verbs