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Hamzah Al-Wasl

Lesson 5


 Hamzah-t Al-Wasl in Nouns (second part)


Hamzah Al-Wasl in Irregular Nouns

Last tidbit, we discussed that nouns that have hamzah al-wasl as the first letter are all started with a kasrah.  The last lesson explained hamzah al-wasl in regular nouns; this lesson will describe the different irregular nouns that start with hamzah al-wasl. Again, these nouns also will have a kasrah on the hamzah al-wasl when beginning on these words.  If however, we are reading these words in continuum with that which precedes it, we drop the hamzah al-wasl in pronunciation. 

The irregular hamzah al-wasl is found in ten specific nouns in the Arabic language, only seven of these are found in the Holy Qur’an.  Theses irregular nouns starting with hamzah al-wasl found in the Holy Qur’an are:

Examples of   



Examples of .
 This can be found in the Qur’an in its singular form and in the double form:


Examples of  in the three different grammatical forms  (marfoo', mansoob, or majroor)


Examples of :

It can be found written with a    as in: as the last letter, or with the 
as in:
  as the last letter.  can be found in its singular form :
or in its double form (), both beginning with



Example of :


Examples of (two). It can be found conjugated with an alif and with or without a noon (, ), or with a ya’ with or without a noon (, ).


Examples of , which is the female form of .  This can be conjugated the same ways as  "" described above. 


The other three nouns that start with  that are NOT found in the Qur’an are:

, ,   

Note: The word     found in aayah 11  of surah al-Hujuraat can be started two different ways:



1.                       It can be started with a    with a fat-h on it, followed by a kasrah of the lam: " "

2.                       It can be started with  without the hamzah-t al-wasl that precedes it: "". Both ways are accepted.  The second way is permitted since the  has a presented vowel, and there is no longer a saakin letter after the hamzah al-wasl, so it is not necessary to start with the hamzah al-wasl.