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Hamzah Al-Wasl

Lesson 4


 Hamzah-t Al-Wasl in Nouns (first part)


The last tidbit lesson discussed hamzah al-wasl in verbs and how to determine which vowel to use when starting on a verb that begins with hamzah al-wasl.  We now will start explaining hamzah al-wasl in "nouns".  Please refer to the brief grammar lessons in the tidbit archives for an explanation on  which is loosely translated as "nouns" but involves more than nouns. 

The can be in regular or irregular in nouns.
 in nouns is always started with a kasrah.  This lesson will explain the regular nouns, and next lesson, insha' Allah will explain the irregular nouns.


The  Hamzah Al-Wasl in Regular Nouns

Original noun () derived from five and six letter verbs.

A  is defined as: A “noun” that points to the moment of occurrence.

These   (plural of ) that begin with  are derived from either a five-letter verb that has the same letter and vowel weight as  or a six-letter verb with the same letter and vowel weight as   .When these verbs are in the noun form, the third letter has a kasrah and an alif is added before the last letter.  The verb root word  then becomes  in the noun form of it, and the verb root word  becomes  in the noun form. 

Examples of five letter original nouns (  ) starting with  are found in the following aayaat:

The word  in:

The word  in:                              

The word  in:


Original noun of a six letter past tense verb:

The following aayaat exemplify  beginning with hamzah wasl that have been derived from a six letter past tense verb:

The word  in:


The word   in:



The word  in:



Please note that the other word starting with a hamzah wasl in this phrase:  is a verb.


As said at the beginning of this lesson, all nouns, including regular nouns or  that begin with hamzah al-wasl start with a kasrah on the hamzah wasl.  As a reminder, the only time we put a vowel on the hamzah al-wasl is when beginning the word.