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Asalaam alaikum

My name is Abdelaziz I live in Amsterdam i want to learn proper tarteel and maybe in the future (insha`allah) tajweed. But I live in Holland so it's almost impossible to find a teacher who can teach me that. I listen a lot to Mohammed el Barrak. I have a couple of his CD`s he recites Qur'an with tarteel. I try to just my voice like his but I have problems with breathing at the right time and I don't know which part of my throat I need to use. But I know I can not be like Mohammed El Barrak because he's only 14 years old with an incredible voice but he had good teachers. But I really want learn it. Please help me!!! I`m 22 years old. 


Wa alaikum assalaam wa rahmatu Allah,

We ask Allah to may it easy for you to learn proper tajweed of the Qur'an; tajweed is part of tarteel.  We ask also that Allah guide you and make easy for you memorization of the Qur'an.

We suggest you focus on learning the proper pronunciation of letters and the tajweed rules.  You can beautify your voice, insha' Allah, within the proper limits determined by the hadeeth of the Prophet, .   Please see the following links: and , but do not forget that the Qur'an was revealed with tajweed, and as we said, tajweed is part of tarteel.  Tarteel means to read in a slow measured recitation while observing the rules of tajweed and the stop and start. 

There are many tools available to assist you in learning proper recitation such as books, tapes, and CD'S.  We suggest you listen to the recitation of some well known good reciters such as Ash-Sheikh Al-Husary, or Ash-Sheikh Abdullah Basfar to help you understand how to apply the rules of tajweed.  This should be done while you study the rules, either through this site (see the archived tidbit lessons link) or through a book. 

As to the breathing, try to use the stop marks that are in the Medinah press copy of the Qur'an, and stop and take a breath there.  The breath you take should be a normal breath from the diaphragm, not from your throat.  You should take a breath when you need to, and if it is in a place not marked with a stop, then you need to go back a few words according to the meaning when starting up after the stop.  You should not push yourself in a breath so much that you cut off a word in the middle of it. 

Do not think that anything is impossible; with Allah's help all is possible.  Make your intention purely for the sake of Allah, strive your utmost, and make a lot of dua', and insha' Allah you will achieve all that you desire.   Ask Allah to give you the recitation most pleasing to him, which is what our aim should be.