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Question (Comment)

May Allaah reward you tremendously for providing this resource to the Muslims. I was pleased to see the accuracy of the information and the use of 'Arabic when needed.  The Q&A should prove to be very helpful as well. I hope that you could, however, stress the importance of taking the Qur'aan TALAQQEAN as that's how it was revealed to Muhammad sallallaahu 'alayhe wa sallam and taken by our salaf.  Our brothers and sisters have a nice resource with your site, but at the same time they should be warned about the dangers of learning to recite the Qur'aan without a teacher to correct them, a teacher who has an ijaazah, or at least is free of mistakes in his/her pronunciation.  You may have something on this that I could not find, so if you do then please excuse me.

Answer (Response)

Jazakumu Allahu khairan for you comments.  You are absolutely correct; the Qur’an should be learned “talaqqee”, meaning: taken from someone who has learned from a qualified, certified teacher, who in turn has learned the Qur’an from a qualified, certified teacher, etc., as explained in “How Can You Learn Tajweed” area of this site.  We are pleased that you have pointed this out again, and are more than happy to put your comment here to emphasize to the visitors of this site the importance of learning the Qur’an from a qualified teacher.  The ideal condition would be learning from someone who has an ijaazah (certification of authentication of recitation and permit to pass it on to others).  At the same time we have to realize that in some areas of the world there is nobody qualified to teach the Qur’an, let alone have an ijaazah. The Muslims in these areas are unable to learn the Qur’an in the proper way.  For those Muslims we say: first try very hard to find someone who can teach you, most preferably, someone who has been certified to teach.  If there are none available then get a set of tapes of a good qualified reciter, listen to his recitation and repeat after him.  Listen carefully to the letters, how they are pronounced, and the variations in the sounds of of letters, when surrounded by different letters, such as how the noon  changes in sound depending on what letter follows it.  Get a good book on tajweed explained in English (if you are not an Arab or don’t know Arabic), to learn the theory, then listen to the tape of Qur’an recitation to see how it is applied.  Don’t forget to make du’a that Allah bless you with a good Qur’an teacher and that He bless you with the memorization of the Qur’an, for we learn only what Allah, the Exalted, teaches us.